Auto Hood Advertisement Service

Auto Hood Advertisement Service

Auto hood advertisement is one of the transit media tool and is a long lasting advertisement tool. This medium is used to mark your presence in entire city as autos tend to roam every where in the city. It is cost effective medium as well as perfect of all the categories of products / services.

There are two types of auto service providers i.e.

1.) Shuttles (majorly roams in the fixed area of a city) 

2.) Metered (goes any where in the city).

If properly planned and executed, this activity can give you very good response.

A few benefits of this media are as under :-

  1. Entire City can be covered.
  2. Cost effective way of advertisement.
  3. Mobility is the key factor of this media.
  4. Long lasting way of advertisement.

We have a dedicated team of experts for this service. We provide this service on pan India basis. Do let us know in case if you are interested in this media. You may contact Mr. Sanjay @ 9099976356 for more details.