Tricycle Advertisement Service

Tricycle Advertisement Service

As shown in the pictures, this is one of the most effective transit media tool of advertisement. It is often used to mark your presence in a particular area. The response from this media purely depends on the planning & execution of the activity, the best combination of planning & execution will help you get the expected response.

If you have limited budget to spend on outdoor advertisement, this is one of the best option you can go for.

A few benefits of this media are as under :-

  1. Peak hours can be utilized.
  2. Non effective hours can be avoided.
  3. Mobility is the key factor of this media.
  4. Rates, as compared to other media is quite low.
  5. It’s 100% legal way of advertisement.


Do let us know if you are interested in this media or if you want to know more about this media. You may contact Mr. Sanjay - 9099976356